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Hi! I'm Jessica, I facilitate mind body & emotional healing through EFT, Holistic Life Coaching & Meditation Therapy.

I work with women who have lost themselves under the weight of stress, anxiety & trauma to thrive emotionally, release what no longer serves them and live with inner peace, selflove & intention.


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3 methods for emotional healing & natural stress and anxiety management.

Private sessions:
Incorporate a collective approach of EFT Tapping, Holistic Counselling, Meditation & Life Coaching based on client needs. Single session, package or deep healing & transformation 3 month program.
Heal On-line:
THRIVE membership, webinars, courses & programs. Subscribe to the mailing list to be notified of up-coming events and membership open dates.
In the workplace: 
Stress Management & Relaxation Skills Workshop for the workplace. Enquire today for package options & pricing.

Would you recognise the early warning signs of stress in your body? Are you taking action before it takes a physical, mental & emotional toll?

Let's work together and I'll teach you how!

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THRIVE Monthly Membership

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Live mindfully with a calm body, clear mind & emotionally thriving!

  • Access from your device whenever you need emotional support throughout your day
  • Incorporate into your daily selfcare routine
  • Learn life-long skills to cope with challenges with my Stress Management Framework
  • Support yourself daily with libraries of meditations, EFT Sessions, Affirmations + journaling prompts, Selfcare & Empowerment.

+ so much more value!


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Workplace Stress Management Workshops


80% of workers feel stress on the job; nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress.

Enquire today about my Stress Management & Relaxation Skills Workshop for the workplace.

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I decided to buy a package with Jessica as I was struggling with terrible vertigo that was causing anxiety. I can't tell you the difference that these sessions made to my life. I feel so much calmer and I have learnt tools that have helped me conquer some of my fears. I am definitely going to buy another package to work on other things in my life, Worth every second!


Through these sessions I was able to address emotions that I had been holding onto for the past 30 years. I really feel that I can now let these emotions go and move on with my life in a more productive and confident way. Thank you Jess, you're amazing!


Jessica from Inspired Life Collective is a genuine, kind hearted life coach. She goes above and beyond to make sure you feel safe and calm within your own mind, body and soul. After every session I feel lighter. Not only does she pour her heart and soul into every session, she creates personalised worksheets, resources and guided meditation to help you grow and thrive.

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Inspired Life in Your Inbox

Get holistic wellbeing, stress management tips & new offers sent to your inbox