Becoming Limitless (Limited Time Package)

Are You a Soul-led Entrepreneur Stuck Under a Glass Ceiling of Self-doubt?

Born with gifts to make a difference, but self-doubt is sabotaging your impact?

It's time to re-write your inner dialogue and ignite your unwavering self-belief


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Are Self-Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back?

You dream of a thriving business where you confidently serve high-paying clients who are truly transformed by your work. Yet, a nagging voice whispers "who am I to charge that much?" or "Can I really sustain this?"

You've invested in strategies, but something feels off. You see other coaches scaling their businesses, and a wave of doubt and comparison washes over you. You wonder if you're just not good enough to reach that level.

Let's do a quick check to see if your desires match your internal programing (your reality)


Desire: Consistent dream clients who value your work and pay you well.

Reality: You still question your capabilities (despite your skills, qualifications and years in business) and don't believe you're good enough


Desire: To create financial independence and abundance through your business.

Reality: you are undercharging, feel guilty taking money and can’t break through your current income level, Money is a source of stress


Desire: To be making an impact with the business you know can change lives.

Reality: You’re doing “all the things” and still not getting where you want to be feeling frustrated rather than fulfilled.


Desire: To be fully visible in the most authentic way

Reality: Self-doubt and fear of judgement or failure keep you small whilst thoughts like who am I to be doing this, maybe that person was right” are loud.

Introducing the Becoming Limitless Experience

The limited time package designed to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. By transforming your inner world, you can realign your business with your deepest desires. It all starts with your beliefs!

$612 $79 Secure Your Limited Time Package

Inclusion 1: Becoming Limitless (on demand) Workshop

It's a deep dive into your subconscious mind, body, and energy with my signature 4-step process where you'll discover the root cause of your internal block and transform it into unshakeable confidence.

You'll leave this workshop feeling lighter and with renewed faith in yourself to move forward.

Inclusion 2: Private Session with Jessica


Now that the workshop has ignited a powerful shift withing, it's time to solidify that progress and create lasting change.

his focused (private) session with Jessica is designed for maximum impact and your chance to go deeper. Together, we'll identify any remaining roadblocks and address them with my comprehensive toolkit of holistic modalities.

By the end of our power-packed 30 minutes together, you'll feel crystal clear on your next steps, and energized with a new level of self-belief. These sessions are short but extremely impactful!

$612 $79 Secure Your Limited Time Package

Hi, I'm Jessica.

An Alternative Therapist, Life Coach and Holistic Business Mentor. Also, Mum of 2, Visionary and 6/3 Manifesting Generator from Canberra. 

My superpowers lay in the safe and supportive healing space that I hold and my ability to help you get below your surface issues.

I am driven by a compelling calling to guide self-led and impact-driven women, desiring healing growth and elevation to create a profound shift from lives and businesses overrun by self-doubt, anxiety, trauma, and stress to a newfound state of being where they can embrace life with unwavering confidence and clarity. 

I've helped countless coaches and healers overcome limiting beliefs and build successful, impactful businesses. Now it's your turn.

Jessica is an incredible EFT tapping practitioner, she dives deeply but respectfully to help pinpoint deep seated limiting beliefs and release them to make real, lasting change. She helped lessen my imposter syndrome & helped me feel safe to put myself out there and be seen.


Working with Jess has been so transformational and in only 2 sessions. Her guidance and support have helped me navigate through challenges with clarity and confidence. Jess's ability to create a safe, warm, and comforting space allowed me to dive deep into the core of my issue. Her knowledge and amount of wisdom she shares is tailored, genuine & felt on a soul level. I felt supported and understood, which made it easier to open up and explore certain aspects of life that I had previously been avoiding due to the overwhelm it caused. Our work together has empowered me to make positive tangible changes and overcome obstacles I once thought were insurmountable. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with Jess and for the positive impact it has had.



  • Private Session with Jessica to dive deep from the Momentum of your Workshop, with empowered healing and lasting change. (30-minutes, Value $240).
  • On demand "Becoming Limitless" Workshop so that you can reprogram your inner dialogue to finally embody the confident, successful Entrepreneur (value $295)
  • BONUS: Breakthrough Blueprint Journal, essential for continued break-throughs. (Value $89)

  • BONUS: EFT Tapping audio to support long-term reprogramming of your thoughts and emotional responses. (Value $24)
  • BONUS: Big Vision Pathway Audio to connect to your business potential and embed lasting beliefs to execute your vision. (Value $24) 

Conveniently all housed in an online portal 

$612 $79 Secure Your Limited Time Package

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$612 $79 Secure Your Limited Time Package