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About me

Hi, I'm Jessica! Advanced EFT Practitioner, Life Coach, Holistic Counsellor & Meditation Therapist

I am a Mum of 2 tiny humans (5 & 1), personal development enthusiast, would live in thongs if I could (flip flops for those not in Aus) and love walking, dancing and Grey's Anatomy but don't hold that against me! 

OK now I feel like I'm writing a dating profile and in a way I guess I am!

I believe that for true transformation to occur in my clients, a solid trusting relationship in which my clients feel safe, heard and supported is key and this is why finding a coach that is right for you is so important.

My mission is to help people take back control over stress, anxiety and learn long term management strategies and find the inner peace that comes with releasing all of the baggage (beliefs, trauma, emotions, memories, events etc) that are not serving their life purpose!

 My personal journey through anxiety & panic lead me to tapping. 

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