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In A Society That Values Busy, You MUST Create Your Calm

We live in a highly stimulated, fast paced, instant world. Our news, socials, emails, work (and kids) are accessible to us 24/7. This way of living has been normalized. Now let's add your mental load into the mix (yes, I see you! The juggling kids, after school commitments, your own work, household responsibilities, finances, nutrition, self-care.. should I go on?) and all of the external circumstances that have most likely impacted you. It's Not Your Fault! When your anxiety can be triggered by something as simple as a thought, or an email and there is no clear ending to your stress, it's not surprising that most of us are actually functioning from a state of pro-longed distress.

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You Don't Have To Feel This Way!

Do you want to know how to clear your mind from the huge mental load you are carrying?

Are you ready to face your daily stressors without actually feeling stressed or triggered by them?

Do you want natural and effective ways to manage and prevent both stress and anxiety?

Does it ever feel like your negative emotions are always in the drivers seat and you simply have no control?

Does the idea of self-care make you glaze over? You think it takes too much time and only gives momentary relief to your stress?

Are you ready to know exactly what self-care will support your unique mind, body + emotional needs and fit into your busy life-style?

Would you benefit from knowing your own bodies early stress warning signs before it turns into illness, burnout or disease?

Are you ready to feel calm & grounded in your moments and more present for the things that matter most to you?

Imagine if you felt like you were coping!

Thrive Through Daily Stress

Stress can be in the form of external, environmental, thoughts, illness, toxins and more. You DO have control over how you allow it to effect your wellbeing.

Calm Body, Clear Mind

Effective stress management is essential for managing anxiety, navigating big emotions and preventing burn out.

Long Term Health Prevention

Pro-longed chronic stress has a detrimental effect on the human body and causes a toxic environment for your cells creating an environment for illness. 

I could be wrong, but I'll bet you weren't taught how to manage your stress at school!

Did anyone ever tell you that you have to assist your body to calm down? Better still, why that is actually so important?

Nothing we learnt as a child could have prepared us for all the feels we get when we are facing our daily struggles and bigger challenges. 

Please know that you've been doing the best you can, with what you know how to do!

I'm Ready To Learn, JOIN THRIVE

Hi, I'm Jessica,

I'm a Mum of two, lover of Grey's Anatomy and all things holistic healthy living.

I am an Advanced EFT Practitioner, Holistic Counsellor, Meditation Therapist & Life Coach. I specialise working with women who are struggling with anxiety, stress management or the after effects of trauma.

I created this self-paces space for healing and growth, knowing from my personal experience the impact that effective stress management can have on a stressed and anxious body. I have been in the trenches of anxiety and panic, I know what is at stake and I am forever grateful that I have been able to experience these amazing tools that have changed my life and am now able to impact beautiful women like yourself to empower you with knowledge and tools that you will implement for the rest of your life.

Discover What's possible for you



Here's a sneaky glimpse of what you will access in the Thrive 


✔️  5 Stages of Stress Management Framework 

This is where your transformation & break through happens! Work through in your own time at your own pace. This framework takes you on a journey through understanding stress & anxiety, understanding and getting to know your body and your triggers, creating action plans to relieve and manage triggers, introduction to holistic coping skills, mindful living and of course bringing it all together why building sustainable habits for your favourite selfcare.

$1,500 value

✔️Meditation Daily Support Library

Not only is meditation a powerful tool in natural stress & anxiety management but it will also support mindful living and offer a multitude of physical & mental benefits. Access a library of meditations created to bring you calm, support your anxiety journey and release stress. New content added monthly.

$300 p/year value

✔️ EFT Daily Support Library

EFT Tapping is a proven stress reduction tool. It is fast and effective. Access a library of guided mini EFT sessions to support you in the chaos of your day and on a variety of daily challenge topics and emotions. New Content added monthly.

$300 p/year value

✔️ Affirmations Library

Affirmations when used correctly are a powerful way to speak to your subconscious. Access a library of done for you affirmations on multiple life topics to support you.

$120 p/year value

✔️ Journaling Prompts

Journaling is a fantastic tool for stress & anxiety management as well as personal growth. Access a library of done for you journaling prompts including gratitude journaling prompts and daily + emotional support.

$120 p/year value

✔️ Live Calls

Quaterly live calls focusing on holistic wellbeing topics to support your journey through managing stress, anxiety and overcoming emotional overwhelm.

$600 p/year value

✔️ Challenges

Because new habits are built through repetition and commitment. 


✔️ Community

A Facebook like (but not on Facebook) community where you can hold yourself accountable, ask for help and connect with other like minded women travelling a similar path. Also get support from Jessica (Advanced EFT Practitioner, Holistic Counsellor & Meditation Therapist) through this community


A TOTAL VALUE of $2,940 per year worth of resources all  conveniently housed in your members only portal


"I was skeptical about natural therapies at first. I had been struggling with un-avoidable emotional stress for a long time and was beginning to worry that nothing would help me to feel good. I joined Thrive and it was the best decision I have ever made! I felt immediate relief and have been able to work through emotions that I never thought I could shake. I feel calm and in control and honestly, don't think I'll ever leave!"

Krissy R
Thrive Member


Give Yourself Permission To Fill Your Cup First and JOIN FOR AS LITTLE AS $1.17 A DAY





5 Stages of Stress Management  Program $1500

Meditation Library $300p/a

EFT Library $300 p/a

Affirmations Library $120 p/a

Challenges & Community with access to Jessica priceless

+ Special 48 Hour Bonuses 

Understand Anxiety Masterclass

20 minute stress management consult with action plan

 Self care & Empowerment Library

 *If you're eligible for the 6 hour bonuses, these will be emailed directly to you






Save 2 months by paying in full today

All the monthly value + get 2 months free when you pay annually

+ Special Bonuses

$2960 value for just $350 per year

 *If you're eligible for the 6 hour bonuses, these will be emailed directly to you


In full transparency, the price of Thrive will rise over time and as content libraries grow, but not for you! By joining today, you are locked into the price of your membership for as long as you choose to remain a member for. YOUR PRICE will never go up.

Our Guarantee

Jessica is 100% confident that the methods & techniques shared & taught in Thrive can lower your stress and anxiety as the methods taught are tried, tested and scientifically proven. However, individual outcomes vary based on many different factior including (but not limited to) commitment, regular use, personal underlying circumstances, underlying medical conditions and more. Also, due to the digital and knowledge based nature of the products that you receive, Thrive does not offer a money back guarantee.

Don't worry but! If you do however decide that Thrive is not right for you at this time, rest easy that you are not locked into any fixed term contract. Simply email [email protected] with the subject 'I'd like to cancel my membership' and your access will be removed at the end of your current paid to date.

*See terms and conditions for further information

This IS for you if

  • Stress is impacting your mind, body & life

  •  You suffer anxiety with physical symptoms

  •  You want to prevent burn out, panic attacks & long term health issues related to stress

  •  You have no idea how to start to move forward and feel better

  •  You are ready for a mindset shift around your self-care

  •  You want long term coping strategies to get through the daily challenges & the big stuff


This ISN'T for you if

  • You are looking for a quick fix without doing any work

  •  You are wanting someone to do the work for you

  •  You 'don't believe' in the mind body connection

  •  You are expecting 1:1 coaching, Thrive is a 1:many experience


If I could read your mind

Thrive was created by a busy working Mum for busy women who likely don't have much time to themselves! All the daily support resources are in bite sized, easy digestible mini sessions (5-13 minutes) and beside a few of the core super important lessons in the 5 Stages of Stress Management, majority of that training is also created to be consumed in the small pockets of time that you have available.

There is no time limit to complete your success path and no minimum usage requirements. Simply access when & if you need.

You will also go through training to help you identify where you can build new habits into your daily routine and be supported through this process.

It's quite likely that 'busy' is one of the reasons that you have ended up here looking for stress, anxiety & emotional management support. The biggest challenge you face is the mindset that you are busy and if you are 'too busy' you need Thrive the most!. We are always able to find the time for the things that are important to us, so let's work through that together in Thrive.

Only you truly know your personal financial situation, so all I can do is offer the following suggestions if you really do need this program for your mental, emotional & physical wellbeing.

  • Is there something that you would be willing to sacrifice so that you can access this support? Thrive at it's most expensive (monthly price) is $10.82 per week. This is the equivalent of 1 1/2 almond latte's a week
  • Are you spending money on other apps / subscriptions you could pause while you access this program?
  • IF (just if) Thrive happened to help you so much, you worked with your GP to come off any medications, what would that save you long term?
  • Challenge that thought - is it true? or is it your minds way of throwing up resistance to change (we become addicted to the emotions we feel, yes negative ones included!)
  • When you consider how the way you are feeling is impacting your life and the people around you, what is a dollar value that you would put on that?



Even if your major stressors are temporary, consider how you have always dealt with stress or challenges. if you feel like you could use an up-skill with your coping tools or are not confident that you can release whatever the stress has left in your body then I encourage you to join Thrive and prepare yourself for future challenges. Self-care is equally as important when you are feeling good for prevention as it is for spot fire managing.

In short, absolutely. Thrive does not offer any medical advice nor encourage anyone to go off a medication without the support of your prescribing medical professional however the knowledge that you will gain from the 5 Stages of Stress Management ,the thought based support in your daily resources and regulation of your nervous system through the mind body techniques shared will greatly benefit you and compliment what ever treatment you are receiving. 

Thrive re-opens to new members in another 3 months (Aug 22)

How will you feel in 3 months if you continue to experience each day feeling run down, stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or burnt out what toll is that going to take on you mentally, physically and emotionally if you wait until August?

Every single tool (modality) taught in Thrive is explained in detail. As  adults we learn best when we know why something is going to benefit us directly, so each new tool introduced explains how to use but also why it is so impactful on what you are trying to achieve.

EFT Tapping, Meditation & other modalities taught in Thrive are all backed by substantial scientific research & studies.

Jessica (your Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner) is available to you through the Thrive Community and via email for private questions. You also have the ability to request resource topics to support what you are currently going through in your life.

No. Whilst you may possibly have experienced some of the tools introduced in counselling, Thrive has been created based on Jessica's signature 5 Stages of Stress Management Framework and the daily resources will support you through your daily challenges. Thrive is also a 1:many experience, rather than private personal counselling sessions. If you do need help moving through deeper triggers, Jessica is available for 1:1 sessions as a separate purchase.

I know that your circumstances and my circumstances are going to be completely different, but what is not different is the way that the stress response works.

Thrive's 5 Stages of Stress Management will take you through tools and techniques that are versatile enough to move into any stressful situation and help you to create an action plan no matter what is going on for you. You can always reach out to Jessica in the community for support on how to personalise these resources to your current circumstance, she is here to help!

As mentioned above in our 'guarantee' section, if you wish to cancel your Thrive membership for whatever reason y ou are not locked into any contracts so simply email [email protected] with the subject line 'I would like to cancel my membership' Your membership access will cease on the last date that you are paid to.

No problem! Thrive needs to fit into your lifestyle so just watch the replay in your members portal whenever you're ready

Meditation is only 1 element of the daily support resources and stress management plan. When you learn about all of the tools and support available to you, you are encouraged to try everything and find what works for you. For some people that will be meditation, for some tapping, for some it's more written processing and for others it's a combination. The goal of sharing many different tools with you so that you can find and utilise what works for you and your life circumstances.

Create calm in your mind, body and life

Invest in your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.





5 Stages of Stress Management  Program $1500

Meditation Library $300p/a

EFT Library $300 p/a

Affirmations Library $120 p/a

Challenges & Community with access to Jessica priceless

+ Special 48 Hour Bonuses 

Understand Anxiety Masterclass

20 minute stress management consult with action plan

 Self care & Empowerment Library

If you are eligible for the 6 hours bonuses, they will be emailed directly to you.






Save 2 months by paying in full today

All the monthly value + get 2 months free when you pay annually

+ Special 48 Hour Bonuses

$2960 value for just $350 per year

If you are eligible for the 6 hours bonuses, they will be emailed directly to you.


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