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3 Tips for EFT Tapping At Home

anxiety eft emotional wellbeing stressmanagement tapping Dec 10, 2021

Follow these 3 tips to make sure you are getting all the goodness from your tapping at home

1) Know the points!
Tapping near the area won't have the same energy balancing effects. Scroll through my reels and I'll show you the right spots

2) Give a voice to the emotions & bodily discomfort.
Identifying the discomfort you feel in your body with your emotion and allowing that to release with tapping is like Identifying gold. Don't resist the discomfort, sit with it give it a voice and allow it to pass - remember it's called 'Emotional Freedom Techniques' for a reason.

3) Don't jump to the positive too quickly.
Stay with your issue until it's resolved. Follow aspects & emotions that arise and don't jump around. Tapping is like pressing the delete button on these issues.. provided you have resolved it fully.

For further advice or help resolving your emotional issues, feel free to book in a session with me ❤

Let me know in the comments what tapping has resolved for you 👇👇

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