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EP 15 ­čî┐Balancing Motherhood With Identity­čî┐

Balancing motherhood with identity is a struggle most Mum's know all too well.

On this episode, I am joined by special guest Danielle Darwick as we dive into 

  • navigating motherhood with twins
  • finding balance between motherhood and holding onto your identity
  • mum guilt (Danielle has a unique perspective on this as a mother of twins both needing her attention)
  • and essential self-care when you're not getting any 'me time'

Danielle is a mother of twins, a high school English teacher and a copywriter from Sydney, NSW. She started her copywriting business in July 2021, during the long Sydney lockdown. A self proclaimed 'Business Cheerleader', Danielle separates herself from other copywriters by offering strategy and business guidance, as well as top quality copywriting to her clients. As a mother, she is very much still learning to 'find her feet', and navigate the whirlwind of emotions that come with caring for two little ones at once. She's not mastered it yet (in fact, she probably never will- and that's okay!) but she's starting to embrace the beautifully messy, noisy and scary journey that is motherhood!

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