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EP12 🌿Crazy & Terrifying Things Anxiety Did to My Body🌿

The way anxiety showed up in my body seemed both crazy and terrifying. When I first began experiencing symptoms of panic attacks it felt impossible that some of the things that were happening to my body could even be remotely related, I mean anxiety is all in your head right? umm.. no!

Although some may experience anxiety through a thought pathway, once those feelings start within your body (think about those butterfly feelings) your bodies involvement in this process cannot be ignored!

During this episode, I am going to share with you some of the frightening, un-comfortable and over powering symptoms that I experienced as a result of anxiety in the hope that if you do experience any of these you are able to remove some of the fear and control that it may have over you.

Get in touch and let me know what symptoms of anxiety you experience that you never imagined could be related.

*Disclaimer - the purpose of this episode is to share my personal experience and raise awareness and is not a substitute for a medical diagnosis if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

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