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EP 11 🌿Finding The Right Self-Care For YOU🌿

Do you prioritize self-care? Or do you find that it's so low on the bottom of your priority list that it's squashed?

The idea of self-care can 

  • be overwhelming
  • bring feelings of guilt
  • seem just like too much effort

But, if you are feeling stressed or anxious, if you are feeling irritable, angry, generally un-happy or even showing signs of burn out there needs to be a point where you ask yourself "what simple things can I do NOW to help myself begin to feel good" and that's what regular and simple self-care can do.

Now, I know that self-care means something different to everyone so in this episode I am going to talk you through

  • why you need self-care
  • how to plan the right self-care for you
  • give you 15 totally cost free ideas that you can get started with straight away

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