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EP10 🌿1st Year As a Mum in Business. Lessons Learnt & Tips for Survival🌿

Lessons learnt and tips for survival from my first year in business (and juggling the tiny humans)

This week I am celebrating Inspired Life Collective's 1st business anniversary. In this birthday episode of the podcast, I wanted to share some tips and thoughts that have helped me from the perspective of being a Mum to young children and juggling a start up.

Join me as I dive into:

  • My top 3 personal wins (how often do you acknowledge yourself?)
  • My top 3 tips for Mums in business juggling kids, working in pockets of time and interruptions
  • The 4 things I can't live without in my business now that have completely upped my game

I would LOVE to celebrate your wins with you! 

  • Share your wins for this week on instagram stories & tag me @inspiredlife.byjessicaanne and I'll celebrate you this week!

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