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EP8 ­čî┐Declutter Your Home to Declutter Your Mind­čî┐

Do you ever feel like you just can't think straight when you are surrounded by clutter?

Or that it even effects your mood?

On this episode, I am joined by my friend and organization queen Courtney Rowell from The Styled Pantry and she shared with us some insight into how a decluttered home can

  • lower your stress levels
  • lower anxiety
  • improve your general mood.

You'll also hear a few sneaky (and very valuable) tips in here too!

Courtney is obsessed with helping busy Mums learn how to declutter and organise their homes through her 4-week online course 'Overwhelmed to Organised.' Courtney knows how it can feel to be overwhelmed, stressed and like you're drowning in too much stuff and loves to teach women how to declutter so that they can start to feel calmer, happier and organised in their home!

I highly recommend checking out Courtney's course, doors are open to join now click here to take a look.

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