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EP6 🌿 Intentional Self-care in short pockets of time🌿

5 Ways to Use Your Pockets of Time for INTENTENTIONAL Self-care

In Episode 5, we looked at my top 5 'daily do's' to include in your day if you experience anxiety (to support both mind and body).

This episode is a follow on from this as I share my 5 favourite ways to intentionally use the small pockets of time that you might have in your day to include self-care that will support an anxious and stressed mind and body.

This episode is for you if you find yourself saying:

  • I don't have the time to tap or meditate
  • I can't do it because I don't get time alone
  • I'd love to do these but I can't afford to
  • I feel guilty if I tap / meditate / exercise - it's not priority


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