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EP7 ­čî┐Post natal anxiety, sleep and the 4th trimester Ft Georgina Windebank­čî┐

In this episode, I have the absolute pleasure of being joined by Georgina Windebank from The Holistic Sleep Project.

If you are a mama of young children, perhaps effected by their (or your) lack of sleep or experiencing post natal anxiety, grab a cuppa and your earbuds and take a listen to this episode.

Georgina Windebank  is a Holistic Sleep Consultant and Qualified Naturopath she is also a mother to a little 4.5 year old boy.

She is the owner of The Holistic Sleep Project and the online membership The Sleep Collective.

Georgina has helped countless families resolve their sleep issues which affect not just babies but the functioning of the family unit. Her approach is unique as it is completely Holistic just like the Naturopathic philosophy.  This means there are many elements that need to be aligned to create optimal sleep for your baby or toddler. Naturopathy and Holistic Sleep together, create a deeper understanding between the biology of optimal sleep and its relationship to other crucial parts of child development.

Within her business, The Holistic Sleep Project she helps families support their babies and toddlers as they get more age appropriate sleep. She transforms families from a sleep deprived state to a family unit which is energetic,  more productive, happier and healthier.

Her approach is completely individualised and customised according to the motherÔÇÖs birth experience, medical factors, possible post natal anxiety, the families lifestyle and family set up and any other individual factors that need to be considered.

Georgina absolutely adores her work and gets so much joy from working with families and transforming their babies sleep which in turn transforms the whole family!

You can connect with Georgina through her website The Holistic Sleep Project or through instagram @theholisticsleepproject 


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