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Why should I tap with a Practitioner?

eft emotional wellbeing mindbody stressmanagement tapping Dec 10, 2021

It's a good question! Tapping can be done on your own at home for free, so why work with practitioner?

 EFT tapping is a great tool to know and use on your own. You are able to work through issues, deal with stress and calm your mind and body in the moment very easily. Even the most experienced tappers though have trouble getting themselves into the issues / memories /events that are holding up their limiting beliefs.

When we work on ourselves, our brain is so clever it knows just how to tempt you with every single distraction technique that it can think of if you are getting into an issue that may be hard to face (like our core beliefs that are not serving us or unresolved traumas)

An EFT Practitioner is trained to guide you through these moments in a safe and supportive environment. We are trained to look for the deep seeded pillars holding up your issues and to keep you in these moments even when your brain throws all of it's distraction techniques at them without re-traumatising you!

 Please be wary when selecting a Practitioner to work with the level of training they have received. Un-fortunately it is possible for someone with very little training to practice EFT as a Practitioner (really, it can be learnt in 3 days)

 You can be confident working with me that I have received an Advanced Practitioner Certification with a 12 month program that included mentorship, supervised client sessions, multiple assessments and required experience.

If you are ready to release the emotions that are no longer serving you, book a free getting to know you chat with Jessica to see if Holistic Healing is a good fit for you.

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