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My Story: From Anxiety and Panic to Emotionally Thriving with EFT Tapping

anxiety eft mindbody stressmanagement Dec 10, 2021
In 2017, I was injured. A simple knee injury that turned into a blood clot, pulmonary embolism and many traumatic hospital trips and experiences.
I quickly developed PTSD and a Panic Disorder and found myself in the very tight grip of panic and anxiety symptoms relentlessly for weeks on end! Nothing I did would calm my stress response (although I didn't realise that at the time, I just assumed I was done for).
My daughter at the time was 18 months old, I was working full time and began to live in this painful cycle of stress that was felt in my whole body and never seemed to end. I remember thinking at one point will I ever feel normal again!?
Over the coming years, I had tried so so many different things including medications, psychologist, natural therapies, diet changes, life style changes and I would get on top of these feelings for a few weeks, feel a bit better and then crumble again. The stress never truly released from my body. I had more medical dramas and continued to be stuck in this awful cycle.
In 2019, I fell pregnant with my second child and my anxiety was at the highest level it had ever been my whole pregnancy and didn't subside after my daughter was born. In fact it continued to spiral.
I was diagnosed with vestibular migraines which flare up when anxiety flares up. The combination of the 2 of these lead to me not driving my car due to fear & dizziness, sometimes not getting out of bed, leaving my house, being fully present for my children, terrified all the time and miserable.
And then I discovered Tapping.
The first thing I used it for was to release anxiety in the moment and then I learnt how to use it for panic attacks. EFT not only calmed the symptoms for me but also took the fear out of it as I worked on it further.
I began to work with a coach and got myself into the car driving again and went through a personal peace procedure where all of the stress's stories, traumas etc that I had experienced were addressed and released therefore releasing the triggers I didn't realise were controlling my life.
I worked tirelessly on my mindset, re-programmed beliefs about who I am and what my life is meant to be and I realised there was no way that I could not share this amazing tool with the world.
I studied and became a certified Advanced EFT Practitioner & Advanced Life Coach and that fueled my passion for mindbody medicine as I qualified in meditation teaching & holistic counselling and am currently studying a diploma in clinical hypnosis   as I continue to further my knowledge about the bodies stress responses and managing this for a calm & abundant life.
I know that I am living my purpose sharing these techniques with my clients.
If you can relate at all to my story, I'd love to hear yours! Jump in my DM's or inbox and tell me what brought you to my website today! 
Jessica xx

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