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Support Emotional Wellbeing with Essential Oils Ft Cristel Mortimer

anxiety emotional wellbeing mindbody stressmanagement Dec 10, 2021

Following on from last fortnights blog post about creating a personalised calming scent using Essential Oils & meditation, I wanted to find out more about Essential Oils & how they can support our emotions & help to release stress.

I love oils, I use oils.. I don't necessarily understand how they are helping me! In this chat with the beautiful Cristel Mortimer, Cristel shares

* Why a low-tox lifestyle is beneficial

* How Essential oils work to support our emotional wellbeing

* Best ways to use them for this & stress relief

* Using Essential oils to support children

This chat is a must watch if this is something you are keen on finding out more about, I learnt so much!

You can get in touch with Cristel & follow her journey here at

**Music Credits: Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: 56IPEFI4K6RMHFMR**

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